What Is ModelFoundry?

ModelFoundry is a powerful new way to describe processes, concepts and systems on the iPad.

Many modeling tools in one

Use OMG BPMN to create detailed process and collaboration models
Use ModelFoundry's FREE templates to create Flowcharts that describe business processes,
Organization charts that detail business units and teams,
Mindmaps that capture bright ideas and interesting concepts.

Create accurate, meaningful models

Create informative models using elements, relationships and diagrams,
Capture key characteristics using data attributes,
Navigate through your model using traceability and search.

Collaborate and communicate

Share BPMN models between compatible tools
Save your models to iCloud,
Share your models with colleagues for their input,
Publish model diagrams as images for effective communication.

Start your modeling journey with ModelFoundry

ModelFoundry combines four powerful modeling tools in one. Designed from the ground up for mobile users, we combined our expertise in modeling technologies and contemporary software to produce a robustly designed, user-friendly solution. Whether you need to describe something that needs to be built, performed, or understood; ModelFoundry keeps you focused on creating your model. Whether you work on your own, or in collaboration with a team; ModelFoundry keeps you in complete control of your designs.

We challenge the status quo in modeling tools because everyone creates models.

The ModelFoundry Showcase

Here's a glimpse of what you can create with ModelFoundry.


About Us

We believe everyone can create great models.

Start your modeling journey now!

We know you create models. You design your new home, the game strategy for your football team, or brainstorm your startup venture. Whether it’s something that you’ll build, perform or need to understand fully, you create a model to describe it. Some models are simple one-person jobs. Others are more complex and require collaboration to mature over time - chopping and changing, adding and removing bits and pieces until they become impeccable.

When these models are ‘complete’, they require effective and efficient communication to others for their action.

We understand how much it means to you to stay focused on this important task. We know how challenging it can be when the tools you use today aren’t up to the task, are too hard to use, or just simply get in your way of creating your models. Which is why the team at ModelFoundry went back to the drawing board. We combined our expertise in modeling technologies and standards, with best practices in contemporary software to produce a solution that is robustly designed and user-friendly. We created ModelFoundry to help you make informed decisions and remain in complete control of your designs.

We believe that effective modeling shouldn’t be ‘that hard’ – if you believe this also, then join us on our journey to create the most powerful, easiest to use modeling solution.

ModelFoundry is a proud member of the Object Management Group    Object Management Group

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